Rosemary focaccia grain-free bread

breadGrain-free diets are very popular these days, especially among people with gastrointestinal conditions. However, denying yourself a fresh slice of bread is not always easy, and many of the bread substitutes are unpalatable.  Lillian Mahl’s recipe for rosemary focaccia grain-free bread is an exception and a treat for both grain-eaters and grain-avoiders.  Thank you, Lillian, for sharing your quick, easy and appetizing recipe.

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Mashed Buttered Turnips

beetTurnips, a relative of arugula and radishes, have always made an appearance at my family’s Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts but no other time throughout the year. For a long time, I assumed they were a rare holiday treat, like a green bean casserole or a Thanksgiving turkey.

However, turnips are too delicious and nutritious to save only for special occasions. 

Here is a super easy, yummy recipe for mashed turnips that is also appropriate on a low roughage diet.

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Embracing the artichoke


Admittedly, there are a number of healthy foods I love but had no idea how to cook to them at home. At the top of my list of intimidating foods was the artichoke.

Who can blame me when two of its anatomical parts are called the choke and the thorns?

However, I made a commitment to embrace the artichoke because it’s full of dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, folic acid and other disease-fighting substances. Plus, it’s naturally low in fat and calories.
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Popeye’s Matzo Brei Recipe

platter_redMy very generous mother-in-law bought me and my husband five pounds of matzo in preparation for Passover. Initially I felt that we might be set for the next few years, but then I remembered my adaptation of Sara Moulton’s Matzo Brei recipe.

Whether you observe Passover or not, I highly recommend trying this quick, easy and nutritious weeknight recipe.

The cooked onions provide a delicious creaminess and flavor to an already flavorful dish.
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Avocado Toast Recipe

avocadoAvocado toast is one of my favorite go-to breakfasts when I’m looking for something easy, quick, nutritious and delicious.

Avocado is a terrific source of healthy fat and fiber, both of which will help keep you full until lunch time. Despite its fiber content, avocado is generally well tolerated by people on a low roughage/low fiber diet.

Avocado is a great substitution for your standard toast toppings, like butter and cream cheese, which are high in saturated fat. Add fresh slices of tomato for additional nutrients.

This recipe makes two servings.

Choose Hass avocados with bumpy, dark green skin. Buy firm ones and allow them to ripen at room temperature. Avocados are ripe when they yield to gentle pressure.


2 slices fresh whole wheat or sourdough bread, toasted
One ripe avocado, rinsed
Slices of fresh tomato (optional)
Kosher or sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper


Slice avocado in half and remove pit. Scoop out flesh in one piece and then slice.

Spread avocado on bread; top with tomato slices if desired. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.


Butternut Squash Grain-Free Muffins

muffinSatisfying a food craving on a restricted diet can sometimes require quite a bit of culinary creativity. Fortunately, there are people like Lillian Mahl, who are up for the challenge. Thank you, Lillian, for sharing her easy recipe for delicious grain-free, low sugar Butternut Squash Muffins.

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Gluten-free breads to add to your shopping list

breadMost gluten-free breads leave a lot to be desired. Baking bread without gluten, the protein responsible for its pleasurable airy structure and doughy consistency, is a challenge that often results in an unappetizing brick that tastes and feels like cardboard.

Fortunately, some bakeries have managed to overcome the gluten barrier to create enjoyable gluten-free breads that will satisfy any bread craving.

One of my patients was kind enough to share with me two of her favorites.
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Quick and Easy Lentil Salad

Dish PlatterThe United Nations General Assembly has declared 2016 the “International Year of Pulses.” Pulses are a sub-type of legumes and include familiar foods, such as chickpeas and dried peas, as well as less-familiar species, like Bambara beans. Pulses are very healthy for us and for the environment. Plus, they’re super versatile, inexpensive and delicious.

In honor of these edible seeds, here is a recipe for a quick, easy-to-make nutritious lentil salad that is vegan-friendly and quite flavorful.

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Seriously Delicious Spinach Dip

spinach_dipHere’s a recipe for one of the best dips I’ve ever eaten and a recipe that my friends frequently request. The secret ingredient? Millet.

Registered Dietitians Tricia Thompson and Marlisa Brown were kind enough to allow me to share this delicious recipe with you. It’s from their book Easy Gluten Free.

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