Holiday gift ideas for the cook with GI issues

holidays_sqNot sure what to give or ask for this holiday season? Here are a few of my top picks for the cook who struggles with gastrointestinal issues.

Immersion blender
Sometimes called a stick blender or hand blender, this handheld appliance allows you to blend ingredients and puree food in the dish in which they’re being prepared. Folks with certain GI issues can’t eat too much fiber but pureed fruits and vegetables are usually well tolerated.

My patients love this inexpensive tool that makes ‘pasta’ out of vegetables. Veggie pasta, such as zoodles (zucchini noodles) are popping up on restaurant menus, but you can easily make them yourself with the help of a spiralizer. Excellent gift for anyone looking to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables and especially useful for someone following the Paleo or Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

Oil mister
Cooking sprays can come in handy but most store-bought cooking sprays contain a number of undesirable ingredients. Fill and refill an oil mister with healthy oil that will add flavor without too much fat or questionable additives. Your friends who struggle with breaking down or absorbing fat will be especially grateful.

A fruit infuser pitcher or water bottle
We can’t survive without water yet it’s a challenge for many people, especially those with GI issues, to stay hydrated. Perhaps a fruit infuser can help. Fruit infused water is a refreshing, non-caloric, hydrating beverage.

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