Put your wasted juice pulp to good use

hamburgerLast month, I had the opportunity to eat dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns as part of the New York Times Food For Tomorrow Conference. Dan Barber and his team created a variety of innovative meals centered around the theme of food waste.

Among these many creative options was the “Juice Pulp Cheeseburger” made from discarded juice pulp.

This was my first time eating a veggie burger made from wasted juice pulp, but it turns out that it’s not that uncommon.

Apparently there are all sorts of uses for leftover juice pulp. In honor of this week’s two other posts, “Be careful with juice cleanses” and “How you can reduce food waste“, here are a few suggestions for how to use your juice waste:

  • Blend pulp into a smoothie or soup
  • Use in homemade veggie burgers
  • Mix into your dog’s food
  • Add veggie pulp to pasta sauces
  • Add to homemade baked goods, like muffins
  • Compost it
  • Scramble veggie pulp with eggs
  • Top your cereal with it
  • Freeze it for future use

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